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November 4, 2015

November is all about an attitude of gratitude. And I know you hear this all the time, but I truly mean it when I say….

I’m extremely thankful for the community you’ve created at Kula. You make me feel like a very lucky girl. ;)

Now it’s really easy to be thankful for the good stuff (like our amazing yoga tribe).But I encourage you to be grateful for the tough stuff, too. Because your past and current challenges force you to grow. They shape you into the person you are today.

Find gratitude for having something to work on. Maybe that’s getting into a handstand or nailing your splits. Maybe it’s a relationship in your personal or professional life. Whatever it is, take a deep breath and give thanks for the opportunity to learn something new. Because these “difficulties” make life interesting, rewarding and transformative.

And even better? No matter what happens, you have a great big community of like-minded yogis here to support you at all times. Kula is a safe space created with the intention to help you get through the good times and bad. We’re here for you. 

Remember: We don’t come to our mats to compete or perform. We come to practice. We come to share our breath and to heal. And with persistence and gratitude, the practice will completely reshape your life (AND your triceps ;) ).

Okay, on to the really good stuff! I’m super excited to announce all the upcoming workshops and special classes happening in the next month. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom because I’m sharing some super special news!*

*Note: Some of you expressed difficulty signing up online. Rather than going to the “workshops” tab, go to the actual date of the event and book from there. Call or email with questions.


Special Thanksgiving Day Class

Inversions Workshoppart II

Foam Roller + Vinyasa Flow2-hour workshopwith Sydney Holly

October 4, 2015

“I would rather be free than be right.”

Fall reminds me of forgiveness. You’re forced to ‘let go’ of summer. Change surrounds you and you can either embrace it or resist it.

When you have an attitude of forgiveness, you are truly free. And you can live as your authentic self.

Holding onto grudges and and disappointment from the past creates heavy, stagnant energy. It clouds your reality. It prevents you from experiencing life as your brightest, highest self.

Every person perceives life differently. Every person believes they are ‘right’. I challenge you to take the high road. Let them win. Because when you do? You get so much more. You get freedom. 

A consistent yoga practice is key for cultivating Aparigraha, or non-possessiveness, or non-grasping. A vinyasa class helps you ‘clean the slate’. And savasana is a metaphorical ‘death’ which teaches us to release our hard work. After corpse pose, you roll up into a ball or the fetal position. This represents rebrith. Starting over. Starting fresh.

You can press the ‘restart’ button any time. It starts with forgiving yourself.

Simply say, “I forgive myself.”

This is a daily practice. The more you do it, the more you can easily forgive others. You can live without grasping to the past or focusing on the future. You can show up as your beautiful, best self.

We have a LOT going on at Kula in the next couple months. Please join us for these exciting workshops and special classes! Click the images below and sign up at https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=31191


Intro to Ayurveda

September 3, 2015

September sure came fast, didn’t it? I hope you’re making time to enjoy the warm weather and colorful sunsets as you settle back into a routine.

Fall is considered a Vata season, according to Ayurvedic medicine. This dosha is considered light, airy, dry and moving. Be mindful of scattered energy and feeling frazzled this time of year. The weather is changing and so is your schedule. Drinking warm liquids and getting lots of sleep will help you stay balanced. Make sure you’re listening to your body and allowing yourself to get grounded.

Come celebrate Labor Day with Kula! Sydney will be teaching a special holiday class from 9:30am-10:45am. This is a great opportunity to get stretched out and worked out before your traditional festivities. All other classes are canceled for the Holiday.

I’m SO grateful you’re a part of Kula. Thank you for truly listening. I love your openness and willingness to incorporate what we work on in the studio out into your life. The feedback I get from physical postures to yogic philosophies and inspiring quotes is so touching. Your stories move me. To know that as a true student of yoga, you’re really being mindful of integrating your yoga practice in your everyday life is incredibly inspiring to me. Never forget: you’re making a difference! Oceans of gratitude.

August 13, 2015

There are so many opportunities in your yoga practice to allow yourself to be open and aware of all the inspiration around you…and inside of you. Inviting a sense of ‘santosha’ or contentment into your life allows you to explore the world with your eyes wide open. This reminds me of some of poet Mary Oliver’s beautiful words:

Still, what I want in my life is to be willing to be dazzled–
to cast aside the weight of facts

and maybe even to float a little 
above this difficult world.”I want to believe I am looking

into the white fire of a great mystery.
I want to believe that the imperfections are nothing–
that the light is everything–that is it more than the sum 
of each flawed blossom rising and falling.
And I do.

As we move into the fall season and schedules shift and change, the consistency and commitment to your yoga practice cultivates this deep level of contentment. So no matter what is happening around you, Kula Yoga is a place where you can come back to your center, explore your inner landscape and reconnect with your truest, most authentic self.

Visit our class schedule and make time to be ‘dazzled’…. ;)

Instagram more your jam? Check out @kulayogamn

March 4, 2015

Although it still feels cold, spring fever is in the air and the new season is nearly here. During this time our bodies will start to make the seasonal transition from winter. Join us for a special Restorative Transformation Workshop to welcome the new equinox and clear away winter. This workshop is designed to create balance in the mind and body, foster feelings of kindness and tenderness. We will activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System, responsible for the feel good hormones in the body and reducing stress. Please join us on 3/21 from 3 – 5 pm for this special practice.

Space is limited, please register online in advance. Sign up under the workshops tab.

November 19, 2014

The season of Thanksgiving is upon us. As you celebrate the holiday in a variety of ways, with a multitude of traditions, we invite you to take your practice from the mat into your daily life by recognizing different aspects of your day-to-day as gifts, harvesting and cultivating Santosha – contentment. We begin by giving many heartfelt thanks for our wonderful community of yogis.

As we kick off this season at the studio, classes abound. Kula Yoga is hosting a Thanksgiving morning practice at 9:30 am. The class will feature segments taught by different instructors; a beautiful way to experience the individuality that each teacher brings.

On Friday evening at 7 pm, join us for an acoustic candlelight flow vinyasa class featuring live music. Class is all levels and moderately paced in a softly lit setting. Explore your breath and movement in harmony. Please sign up for this class in advance as space is limited.

Peace and gratitude, namaste.

September 15, 2014

Kula is two! Join us this Friday to celebrate community, friends and fun – all that is Kula Yoga! Festivities are from 6-8pm, immediately following Sydney’s 4:45 class.

Kula Yoga is two!

Do you or someone you know want to try yoga? Sign up for Michelle’s six-week Beginner’s Workshop, starting Oct. 13. We will cover a different topic each week such as breath work, anatomy of a sun salutation, pose alignment and more. Register for the workshop under the class schedule tab. More workshops to come, so stay tuned!

August 31, 2014

Lots of news for this coming season in preparation for the fall equinox. We have new teachers and classes on the schedule. Cheri Hannagan and Michelle Millar have added a variety of times and new class options to choose from as you think about your daily or weekly practice. We invite you to read more about them under the Instructor Bios tab. They offer early morning, noon and evening classes from Vinyasa flow to Sun Moon which combines an active Vinyasa class with restorative.

We are also approaching our second anniversary! We are filled with gratitude for the support each of you offers the studio. You are our kula, our community. The studio evolves and responds to your needs, so please keep us apprised of anything you might be looking for in the way of classes or class times. Keep your calendar handy as there is sure to be a social celebration to mark this occasion.

May 9, 2014

As we continue our movement into spring, shedding the heaviness of winter, many of us look for ways to revitalize. Kula Yoga will be hosting an “8 Day Yoga Cleanse” at the studio on May 31, from 3 – 5 pm. The event is being held in conjunction with MAKwellness. There will be a 60-minute yoga practice followed by a 60-minute seminar to help direct you through a comprehensive inner and outer detox. You will receive a manual, recipes and one on one coaching. You can reserve your spot today by going to the class schedule tab, then workshops. You can also call 952.836.6316.

Also, be sure the Kula Yoga Friends and Family Practice is on your calendar. More details below on this event. We hope you will join us for one or both!

April 16, 2014

Emerging from the murky waters, the lotus flower blooms and shows its beautiful radiance. As we surface from the long, cold winter, experiencing an internal awakening, it, too, can feel like a time of growth and transformation like the emergence of the lotus. The simple beauty of the flower is a testament to the power of resiliency and patience. Yoga is an exercise in just that. We diligently show up for class, we practice our asana and our pranayama, and we find a way to embrace santosha – contentment – with our process. This commitment allows us to endure a tough time; physically, emotionally and energetically. Even when we don’t necessarily “like” it or feel like we’re “good” at it, we all blossom as the lotus flower does – shaped by our experiences, but not defined by them. Growing out of the muddy water of our messy lives, we share the beauty deep inside of us.

Share, enjoy and celebrate the gift of your yoga at the Kula Yoga Friends and Family Practice May 18th. Kula Yoga will be hosting the Sunday 4:45 pm class with a get together following practice. Class is FREE, so please bring someone to share your experience, your kula. The gathering afterward will be casual with shared food and wine. Please stay to socialize and enjoy time with your fellow yogis. We look forward to seeing you and meeting new faces!

In other schedule news, Becky’s classes on Monday and Wednesday at 2 pm are only $10! Community class pricing is open to all attendees. Also new for summer are Kula Kids Camp and Kula Tween and Teen classes. Check out the schedule for times.

Happy spring to you all!

January 4, 2014

Happy New Year! Whenever we celebrate the passing of time we are accepting our past, embracing our future and living in the moment. This happens every time we step onto our mat. Let your yoga practice be a celebration of the transition that you are experiencing at this special time of year.

Setting a sankulpa, or seed of intent, for 2014 cultivates a deeper level of consciousness that resonates both on and off of the mat. Come nurture that sankulpa here with us at Kula Yoga. May a joyful, peaceful and rewarding 2014 be revealed to each of you.

In New Year’s news, we are excited to introduce Becky Golberg! She comes to us as a certified yoga instructor, having taught ballet and Pilates. Becky recently returned from study in Goa, India. You can read more about her under the Instructor Bios. She will be teaching at the following times:
Mondays & Wednesdays 2-3 pm   Gentle Flow

Mondays 6-7:15 pm                      Open Flow

With peach and love, welcome to 2014!

December 20, 2013

Kula holiday classes are filled with a special warmth and energy that is both restorative and energizing. Spending time on your mat surrounded by family, friends and fellow yogis is one of the greatest gifts. Come join this lovely kula, your community, in a group practice this season.

Holiday Schedule
Open flow vinyasa, all levels welcome:
12/24:   9:30-10:45 am.    All other classes canceled.
12/25:                               All classes canceled.
12/28:   2-4 pm.                Bubbles and Sankulpa special event featuring wine and yoga with Amusee.
There was a fantastic turn out for the previous wine and yoga event. We want to share that energy once again. Please join us for this special time to start ringing in the new year.

12/31:   9:30-10:45 am.    All other classes canceled.
1/1:      9:30-10:45 am.     All other classes canceled.

November 17, 2013

It all starts with gratitude. It’s just a tiny little kernel, a seed, that’s planted deep inside of us. And often it gets covered up with a heavy blanket of busyness and chaos and fear and shame and worry…..but it’s still there. And your yoga invites you to stop ruminating about the past and projecting into the future. Your yoga invites you to arrive right into the here-and-now. Right into this moment, just as it is. And sometimes it can be scary and messy, but it’s your truth, your satya. Your yoga allows the fog of mind-stuff, vritti, to lift and the clarity of your essence, your authentic self, susumnanadi, to shine through. And that little kernel of gratitude, that appreciation and acceptance for your life in this moment, flourishes within you and is shared with the world. It all starts with gratitude.

Come practice your gratitude on Thanksgiving morning at 9:30 am. All other classes will be canceled that day with the regular schedule resuming on Friday.

October 22, 2013

Join us for a special one-hour vinyasa sequence followed by wine exploration on November 9 from 3 to 5 pm. Sydney Holly and sommelier Leslee Miller of Amusee pair movement, the three doshas and wine for this experience. Event pricing is $30. Reserve your spot today!

September 9, 2013

Today the studio has been open for one year. We have much to celebrate! Please join us on Friday, September 13 for a fun gathering following the 4:45 – 6 pm class (6:30 start time). The party is but one expression to show gratitude for the support, practice and nurturing you bring to our community. It celebrates you!

Thank you. Namaste.

Happy Brithday; One Year

August 30, 2013

For many, Labor Day marks the end of summer and passage toward autumn, when habits and patterns start to shift. As your daily routine alters, it is important to maintain consistent physical activity. Benefits of a regular practice include enhanced muscle tone, time to quiet the mind, a healthy glow and increased energy and focus.

We have much to celebrate at the studio during this time, such as the one year anniversary of the opening!  Don’t forget to mark your calendar to attend socialize with your fellow yogis on September 13 at 6:30 pm.

We hope to see you during this time of seasonal transition.

August 3, 2013

It’s almost time for our one year anniversary! On Friday, September 13, please join us for a party to celebrate. Kula Yoga welcomes you to join the festivities from 6:30 – 9:00 pm, following the 4:45 practice. The studio has evolved over the past year thanks to your participation, dedication and your openness to advancing your practice and trying new poses, classes and sequences. As you know, Kula means community, and the studio is a culmination of your efforts. Thank you!

The anniversary of the studio opening provides us with the opportunity to reflect upon the past year, while recognizing the path to the present. The passing of time is but one variable that gives us new perspective. Another is to change the way we see things by literally turning our world upside down through inversion. We explore inverting in a safe and nurturing environment. Along with physical benefits, it can be empowering and joyful. The feeling of a first head stand, handstand or forearm stand can be a mark in time, a personal significance and evolution of practice. (See some of your fellow yogis’ inversions.) We look forward to the coming year to grow together and share inspired moments in our kula.

July 4, 2013

The art of the practice happens both on and off the mat. Our practice provides space and time to learn about ourselves, deepening the physical practice, uncovering thoughts and feelings or realizing less tangible, subtle notions. It opens our minds to new experiences, enhancing our awareness and giving us more freedom to be our true selves. As part of our practice, meditation can bring more liberation, especially during summer months when it can be practiced outdoors. Summertime offers a unique lightness unlike other seasons: rustling of leaves on trees, bird songs, water lapping on the shores. We are unencumbered by requirements of winter clothing, there are fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance for eating a well-balanced diet and we can enjoy nature by simply being outside. When you are away from the studio or your mat, incorporate some time to meditate. Sit with your eyes closed and take some time to observe. Listen, feel and hear. Contemplation among the beauty of nature has the power to relax and refresh.

Celebrate this season with a feeling of renewal and calm, one of Moksha.

June 5, 2013

The new summer schedule is in full swing this week. New classes have been added so that there are more opportunities to practice. If you love Max’s Strength & Training class, make Thursday evenings at 6pm part of your plans. You will also find that Kula Kalm is now a regular feature. Supplementing your practice with a restorative, healing practice greatly complements the rigorous nature of some of the Open Flow Vinyasa classes. And, for all of you Carol followers, be sure to follow her to Friday morning.

Changes to the schedule include the following:

Mon and Wed 6-7:15 pm Open Flow Vinyasa;
Wed 9:30 am Core & Yoga with Sydney;
Thurs 6:00-7:00 am Open Flow Vinyasa (instead of 6:30);
Thurs 6:00 – 7:15 pm Max’s Strength & Training;
Thurs 7:30-8:30 pm Kula Kalm Restorative;
Fri 9:30 am Core & Yoga with Carol.

Monday night’s with Lisa have moved to 6pm. Her donation classes the first Monday of each month continues, as well as having a crowd of attendees who are quickly becoming regular visitors at neighboring Hello Pizza after class.

You can always check the schedule via the Class Schedule tab, as well as register for classes, purchase packages and sign up for workshops as they are added. See you at the studio!

May 5, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo! As we move through this season, we have the opportunity to share in our practice, charitable giving, friendship and fun social activities. On deck for this month, another Kula Karma class and happy hour! The next Kula Karma opportunity – a special donation class where proceeds benefit a specific organization – is this coming Monday’s 7pm class with Lisa Plummer, benefiting Pet Project Rescue.

Then later this month, come to 4:45 practice on Friday, May 17th and stay for a belated Cinco de Mayo happy hour celebration. (Really just an excuse to socialize with your fellow yogis!) You can note your attendance via the Facebook event. Thank you to Kula Yoga community members Julie Grey and Liz Canis for organizing. We hope to see you there!

April 25, 2013

It appears spring may have finally sprung.  As we rush forward into warmer weather, be sure to stay in tune to your body’s needs. Although we may be active externally, nurturing ourselves internally continues to be important. This can take the form of what you eat, how much rest you are getting or taking care of yourself emotionally. Find time for this type of wellness as you rush to absorb the most of the beautiful weather to come. Take a moment to breathe and inhale perspective. Simple moments of meditation and relaxation can bring alignment. Continue to feed your yoga practice with love and kindness and it will bring renewed inspiration.

March 25, 2013

Welcome to spring! The spring equinox begins with a day of balance – equal day and night. As we try to balance our lives, a good way to do so is to clear away the clutter. Check out our latest post on spring cleaning and meditation. Making meditation part of your practice can help bring balance through a changed perspective.

In other news, the Kula Karma continues. You can bid on a class package for Kula Yoga at the upcoming Alzheimer’s Association’s annual Remembering Our Stars Gala to be held on April 13 at the Depot. You can read more about the benefit here.

February 11, 2013

February is well on its way and at this time of year we celebrate the anahata chakra, our heart center. Love, compassion, vulnerability and devotion can be several of the emotions that arise. No matter what feelings come to light during practice – on or off the mat – these emotions provide us with opportunities of kindness and caring, for yourself and others. In yoga and in life, there is always room for more love.

January 25, 2013

Kula Yoga is on the newsstand! You can read a review of Kula Yoga in the February issue of Mpls. St. Paul Magazine in their “Boutique Gym Guide.” We are excited to be featured. The story can be found under “Group Motivation: Workouts With Camaraderie and Support.” You can read the review online at Mpls. St. Paul Magazine. Thanks to MSP Mag and to all the wonderful yogis that participated that night!

January 21, 2013

Introducing Kula Karma! Kula Yoga will be hosting donation classes to give back to the community. These classes have a designated cause. Funds collected for the session will be contributed to that specific organization. Donations are discretionary with a minimum $10 preferred. The first set of Kula Karma classes will be held by Lisa Plummer. Many of you have already met Lisa, a new member of the Kula Yoga team. Lisa will teach her usual Monday evening class, but on the first Monday of the next few months, the funds will go to Bubbly Paws. Each month in 2013 Bubbly Paws will be giving back to one local pet rescue  through “Give Back Week” at Bubbly Paws Dog Wash. Proceeds from these particular classes will support their Give Back Weeks. You can read more at http://bubblypaws.com/give-back-week/.

January 4, 2013

We hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and that they have kept up with their practice. If not, there is no time like the present, especially since Kula Yoga is adding more times to practice. Two new teachers are joining the Kula Yoga roster; Holly Schramm and Lisa Plummer. They bring diverse backgrounds and experiences, expanding the opportunity for learning from others in our kula (community). Holly’s class will be taught at 10am on Saturday mornings and Lisa will be adding an evening class on Monday nights at 7pm and be back again for early risers at 6am on Fridays. Please check out their bios, and more importantly, their classes. Also, don’t forget about the many workshops being taught. Next up is Margaret’s “Learn to Float.” Sign up today before they fill.

December 6, 2012

Tonight is the night for the holiday event at Kula Yoga! While you are there, you can pick up workshops at a discount. Here is a look at the list.

“Movement, Strength, Mobility and Fitness”
Join Max for a series of advanced workshops that will take each participant to new levels in strength, mobility, power and personal goal setting. Each two-hour workshop will provide personalized testing and programming that will identify areas of growth and pathways to achievement. With a focus on body awareness, we will guide the group through a combination of challenging workouts and topic-based lessons. Topics covered will include the benefits of high intensity training, weightlifting, gymnastics, yoga and bodyweight movements for peak wellness and performance. The roles that nutrition and sleep play in performance, wellness, and body composition will also be a focus. There will be plenty of opportunities for participant Q&A and participants are expected to leave with specific goals and programming for the next workshop. This is a perfect workshop for individuals looking to take their intermediate practice to an advanced level and gain insight into state-of-the-art strength training.
*space is limited to ten students/cost $190 for all three workshops

Workshop #1:  Alignment & Performance/the core body and keys to functional strength
date:  saturday, 12.29.12
time:  2 – 4pm
cost:  $65

Workshop #2:  The Power of the Hip/the foundations of athleticism
date:  saturday, 2.16.13
time:  2-4pm
cost:  $65

Workshop #3:  Kettlebells & Arm Balances/functional upper body strength
date:  saturday, 4.20.13
time:  2-4pm
cost:  $65

“Learn to Float”
Want to develop smooth transitions in your yoga practice? This workshop will look at ways to bring more lightness to your practice, with a special emphasis on lifting and landing the jump-backs and jump-forwards, as well as jumping through to a seated posture.   Margaret will break down the vinyasa to its basic components, exploring strength, flexibility and mobility techniques that enable the body to “float” while maintaining sound anatomical alignment. Participants should have a consistent asana practice and be able to kick up to handstand at the wall.
*space is limited to 15 participants

date:  saturday, 1.12.13
time:  2 – 4pm
cost:  $45

“Kula Calm”
Nurture yourself and deepen your practice through relaxation in this restorative yoga workshop. Restorative yoga uses blankets, bolsters and blocks to support the body in restful postures. This encourages the body to relax, open, renew and heal.  As the body releases deeply, the mind grows quiet and reflective, bringing your whole being into a more balanced state. Sydney will provide lots of hands-on adjustments to deepen your experience.
*space is limited to 12 participants

date:  saturday, 1.19.13
time:  2 – 4pm
cost:  $45

“Couple’s Yoga”
This workshop combines the sweet movements of vinyasa flow with playful partner poses to tap into the boundless energy of the heart. Bring a partner and enjoy this special way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Lovingly led by Holly.
*space is limited to 7 couples

date:  thursday, 2.14.13
time:  7-8:30pm
cost:  $55 per couple

“Chakras & the Essential Oils”
In this unique and inspiring workshop we’ll explore the chakras, or seven wheels of energy that reside in the body. The experience will be amplified with the use of essential oils.   Essential oils, like each of the chakras, have specific applications and unique healing properties. Carla and Sydney will lead you through this workshop that will include both traditional yoga asana and interactive dialogue.
*space is limited to 15 participants

date:  saturday, 3.16.13
time:  2 – 4pm
cost:  $45

November 24, 2012

The Kula Yoga team hopes everyone had a truly blessed Thanksgiving. As you move through the holidays, remember to take a moment to breathe, stretch and smile.

Are you shopping Small Business Saturday? Don’t forget about gift cards or packages from Kula Yoga! Our holiday event will also feature a number of small businesses such as jewelry designers, handmade stationery and handbag creators. A new addition to the evening event includes Jennifer Kale handbags. Her work can be found on www.etsy.com/shop/KundK.

And, to exemplify the gratitude felt toward all of you, the Dec. 6 evening practice is on the house. See you at the studio!

November 20, 2012

A number of upcoming special events are happening at the studio. This Thursday will be a special holiday practice centered on gratitude. Practice will be held from 9-10 am. Then, on December 6, the community is coming together to provide an evening of yoga, music and shopping. Practice will by led by Sydney Holly from 6-7:15 pm, then shopping and socializing from 7:30 – 9:30 pm. Live music from Shahar Eberzon will take place during the yoga practice, followed by cellist Dan Zamzow and friends. A variety of local artists will be present, selling items for that special one-of-a-kind holiday gift. Jewelry designers include Mitra Vahhaji, Patti Petrich, Anna D’andrea and Jessie Wilton. Handmade stationery from Jen Colburn Designs and felt and knitwear from Kristy Petrich will also be available. While you are there, you can also pick up Young Living Essential Oils from Soul Essentials, Carla Beveridge. http://www.mysoulessentials.com/

You can RSVP for the events on Facebook.

November 12, 2012

Many of you know already know Margaret Truesdell Hall, but did you know she is now an official member of the Kula Yoga team? Kula Yoga is thrilled to announce that she will be teaching Ashtanga at the studio Mondays and Wednesdays at noon, along with Thursday evening Mysore at 5:15 pm. Feel free to come to the studio as early as 5 pm for silent practice. Watch for Margaret’s bio and the updated class schedule very soon.

A special Thanksgiving Day class will be held focusing on gratitude. The class will be held from 9-10 am on Thanksgiving morning. We hope to see you there.

Just in time for the holiday season, you can now make online purchases for classes and gift cards. Happy shopping!

November 3, 2012

Step one of the studio makeover is complete! The studio received a fresh coat of paint in a beautiful stone color. It lightens and brightens the practice space, while representing the first stepping stone of the studio transformation. Many yogis were in the space working hard Friday and Saturday: priming, painting and building benches for the hallway and changing rooms. A true example of our kula coming together.

A photo album of the makeover will be posted soon. We hope you will come check out the space as it continues to evolve. More to come!

October 7, 2012

More in Kula Yoga news! Carrie Zeman has joined the Kula Yoga team and will be teaching noon class on Wednesdays. Watch for this new addition to the schedule. Welcome, Carrie!

This means you can now attend classes at noon on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Noon classes provide an inspirational break in the day. The union of movement and breath allow creativity to flow while improving concentration and strengthening the body. See you at the studio.

September 29, 2012

Announcing three delightful and experienced teachers to be added to the Kula Yoga teaching roster: Carol Mathie, Ella Chissotti and Julie Burton. These lovely women will begin teaching in October. Carol’s 75-minute Core & Yoga class will begin this coming Wednesday, October 3, at 9:30 am. Thursday mornings, Ella will be moving students through a 75-minute Open Vinyasa Flow at 9:30 am. Her class begins on October 4. Julie Burton’s 75-minute Core & Yoga class will begin on Friday, October 12, and be hosted in the 9:30 am time slot as well. You can read about Carol and Ella on the Instructor Bios tab. And although Julie’s bio is not yet posted, you can register for all three of these new classes online. If you are having any issues with online scheduling, please send a private message to the Kula Yoga team at Sydney@kulayogamn.com. Online purchases are coming soon and we will post as soon as you can make one.

Kula Yoga is dedicated to bringing you a variety of class options to explore and deepen your practice. Please watch for more fun and inspirational classes to come!

September 14, 2012

It has been a busy first week at Kula Yoga. We started with a full house for our first evening practice. It was an inspirational beginning in many ways. You can see photos taken during the class in our “opening evening practice” post. Thank you to everyone who came.

In other news, we are excited to announce online scheduling! Now under our class schedule tab, you will be able to book classes online as well as purchase packages, or even gift cards. You will also see that Max and Sydney’s strength & yoga class is beginning tomorrow (Sunday, September 16) at 9:30am. The introductory offer still goes until 10/9/2012, so be sure to take advantage of the 10% off packages special. This offer is also available online.

In honor of the philosophy behind Kula Yoga, we want to be sure to include the community as much as possible. There will be some fun announcements in regard to community involvement coming soon, so please watch for more updates.

5 thoughts on “kula news

  1. Great class today, Sydney! Challenging, inspiring, and fun!

  2. Sydney, your yogic wisdom and example truly inspire clarity and harmony in the lives of those you touch! You are true of word and pure of intention! नहीं

  3. THE HOTEST NEW CLASS IN TOWN!! Sydney and Max’s class! There is nothing else like it! 45 minutes of intense weight/cross training with Max, followed up by 30 minutes of yoga with Sydney!! A great class for all levels, as Max and Syd are so experienced and instructive! It is such a thorough, fun and different workout!

  4. Fantastic class today Sydney! Using props like the blocks & weights and incorporating them into the flow is great. They help keep you aware of your alignment & your core and tone up your body faster! Lovely!

  5. Hola! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the excellent job!

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