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Open Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic practice linking breath and movement. Elegant sequencing helps build heat, concentration, endurance, strength and flexibility in equal measure. Advanced asanas, including inversions and arm balances will be offered as well as modifications. All levels welcome.

Kula Calm

A fluid practice developing proper asana alignment and breathing techniques. Simple sequencing encourages focus and concentration while building strength and flexibility. This is a great place to start if you’re brand new to yoga. All levels welcome.

Kula Conditioning

A high energy blend of cardio, strength training and yoga. The sequenced intervals help to enhance fitness levels; asanas encourage increased flexibility. Please bring athletic shoes and your mat, and be prepared to challenge yourself in this fun new class. All levels welcome.

Kula Cozy

Wind down, relax and get cozy in the 1-hour restorative yoga class.

Kula Contemplation

A deeply internal practice that uses breath and bandha (energetic locks) to access the core. Experience energetic shifts in the body and mind as we flow through these transformative Hatha yoga sequences. Meditation and Pranayama (breathwork) are also included in this class. All levels are welcome.

Flexible For Life

Flexible for Life Yoga is an all levels non-competitive class designed to improve strength and maintain flexibility that normally decreases with aging and muscle building. Each class includes an all body stretch then takes an anatomical focus on a portion of the body. More difficult pose options are offered, as are props and accommodations to support personal development. Breathing techniques are taught to help soothe life’s stress. Class ends with savasana, a pose of total relaxation intended to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. Come and join our caring and supportive community! Get moving, stay moving, get Flexible For Life!

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